Kiln-fused glass provides a wealth of possibilities for colour, design, texture and shape. Each piece has an unique and individual allure and an infectious tactile quality.

If you are looking for that ‘wow-factor’ feature for your space, then a this is a fantastic way to achieve it. Most of our wide-ranging portfolio of wall panels, sculptures, lighting features and tableware have been created using kiln-fused coloured glass as it provides by far the greatest artistic freedom.

There is a vast range of coloured sheet glass and other decorative glass products available to us that we can cut, shape and layer. This means we can always create a bespoke design for a space that is perfect in both a colour and composition for it’s surroundings.

Our kiln facilities allow us to make single fused panels up to 2m x 1m, although our speciality for creating multi-component wall sculptures means we can literally create works of art on any scale.

Glass art kiln-fused panel before firing



Glass art wall panel in kiln ready to fire