For any application that requires toughened or laminated safety glass, the options for creating a feature glass art panel have traditionally been fairly limited. However, using a specially developed optically-clear resin, we can surface bonded kiln-formed components onto a safety base sheet and create some amazing designs on a larger scale.

As architectural features, these panels could be used as:

room dividers



shower screens

wall-art features

Right: A 2.2m x 1m wall panel opposite has a 10mm toughened sandblasted base glass sheet with kiln-formed components bonded components on it’s face, and a secondary layer of mirror running behind to reflect light back through the coloured glass.

Coloured art glass bonded to a toughened base sheet with a layer of mirror on the rear


Right: Skylight panels created using laminated safety glass with kiln-formed components bonded to their surface, and sandblasted on the rear face to diffuse the light.

Coloured art glass components bonded to a laminated base sheet and set within a skylight recess